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Da Vinci Unplugged: Enter Bob…and The Bridge

When I work a smaller piece, I attach it to a brass sheet with sealing wax. Here is the bridge. I first taped the back with masking tape for easy removal from the wax.

Next, I tape the original drawing to the surface of the ivory:


Now I use my scribe to poke through the drawing, resulting in the dotted outline you see here. Though this technique seems simple, it isn’t. Sensing the right amount of pressure to ensure the dots are neither too shallow nor too deep takes lots of practice. Saving time at this stage allows me to devote more time later to the finishing touches. On a small piece like this, every dot after the initial outline IS a finishing touch (below).


Click here to see the rest of this portrait on Flickr.

Bob Hergert, on behalf of Martin Guitar.

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